Escapod develop luxury accommodation spaces utilising modular building technologies combined with a turnkey project management and finance solution.


We are redefining regional tourism.


Escapod is a prefabricated, moveable, off-grid capable, luxury hotel room that unlocks new value in premium tourism locations. The result is a truly immersive experience that combines contemporary architecture, premium fixtures and finishes and a minimalist layout that allows guests to engage with their surrounding environment.


With significantly condensed construction programs, we manufacture our buildings in a controlled facility and transport them to site, providing a rapid and low impact building process. Proudly built in Australia, Escapod are able deliver to buildings in locations where traditional construction and planning may not be possible or allowed.

Escapod provides our customers with a new revenue stream and increased value for their land and the ultimate flexibility to move the asset should they need to in the future.

 We are seeking to partner with experienced, innovative, market leading businesses operating in iconic tourist destinations who may be interested in extending their offer to include luxury accommodation. Please reach out to us if this is you.



Building and construction can generally be a very complicated and overwhelming experience.


Escapod aim to provide our clients with a simple and streamlined process that results in a stress-free and efficient project.


We manage all aspects of the project from planning approvals, wastewater, bushfire management, site works and off-site construction through to final commissioning and handover.


Our staged approach provides a simple but methodical pathway on each and every project.

To learn more feel free to get in touch!


Please reach out should you be interested in working with us as a landholder, financier, investor or end user



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