Escapod develop luxury accommodation spaces utilising pre-fabricated building technologies combined with a turnkey project management and finance solution.


We are redefining luxury short-stay accommodation.


Have you ever been in the situation where you can’t find the right accommodation experience you are looking for when booking a weekend getaway? We experienced this same scenario one too many times and decided to do something about it.


Escapod identified an opportunity to activate under-utilised land in premium tourism locations by developing a prefabricated, moveable, off-grid capable, luxury hotel room. The result is a truly immersive experience that combines contemporary architecture, premium fixtures and finishes and a minimalist layout that allows guests to engage with their surrounding environment.


With a short construction program of just 10 weeks, we manufacture our buildings in a controlled facility and transport them to site, providing a rapid and low impact building process. Escapod are able to commission buildings in locations where traditional construction and planning may not be possible or allowed.

Escapod provides our customers with a new revenue stream and increased value for their land and the ultimate flexibility to move the asset should they need to in the future.

 We are seeking to partner with experienced, innovative, market leading businesses operating in iconic tourist destinations who may be interested in extending their offer to include luxury accommodation. Please reach out to us if this is you.



Escapod has developed an accommodation product that has considered the end user at every stage of the design process. Ultimately, our product has been designed for people and not the limitations of building materials and transport constraints.


Throughout a lengthy design process, significant research and development has been undertaken to not only provide the most practical layout from an end user perspective, but also to ensure construction efficiencies, outstanding energy performance and planning compliance.


The Escapod has a generous floor plan of 72m2 including two external side decks and an enclosed end deck providing flexible indoor and outdoor spaces. The building can connect directly into existing services, or alternatively can be entirely off grid by utilising solar power, wastewater and water storage technologies.


Escapod has delivered the first of two buildings to a private vineyard in the beautiful McLaren Vale wine region of South Australia.

Our client operates an existing luxury accommodation business and offers a range of one and two bedroom cabins. Escapod was able to create additional capacity with low impact to the existing operations and minimal disruptions to guests staying at the property due to our off-site construction methodology.  



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